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Seneca Nation Library

Cattaraugus Branch

Welcome to the Seneca Nation Library-Cattaraugus Branch Page!

Our mission statement:

The Seneca Nation Libraries provide informational, educational, cultural and recreational services for the residents of the Allegany and Cattaraugus Territories. These services and resources are provided to promote the growth of the cultural, intellectual and social development of our Tribal Communities.

Our Core Values:

The Libraries support, advocate, and enhance an appreciation for the love of reading; maintenance of our oral traditions; communication and reliance between our youth and elders; supporting a knowledge base of our cultural history but above all, to assist in sustaining our Seneca Haudenosaunee Cultural Traditions.

The Seneca Nation Library Cattaraugus branch is located at 3 Thomas Indian School Drive on the Cattaraugus Territory of the Seneca Nation of Indians. Our building was completed in the summer of 1979 and we have been a part of the community ever since. The library is overseen by our Library Board of Trustees, whom, are made up of 10 individuals which represent an equal number for each territory. Each of the trustees are appointed by our tribal council and seated for 5 year terms.

The Cattaraugus branch library offers a wide range of books for our library patrons to check out. We specialize in having books on our Native American culture and have our own resource room which was dedicated to the late John C. Mohawk, American Studies Professor at The University of Buffalo. The John C. Mohawk Native American resource room contains numerous titles pertaining to the history and culture of the Seneca Nation.

In addition, located in the main area, we offer a general collection of non-fiction and fiction for general reading and for research. Also, located here is the public computers, printer, and seating areas for reading and to do research. We not only offer public access to the computers, we have free Wi-Fi to use while in the library for your own device or laptop.

Our children’s books are located in the “Esaeyёsdä’ Ha’deyö” Room, pronounced “Eh-say-ee-s-dot Hot-dee-ho”, meaning “It can teach anything/many things” in our Seneca Language. This room was named in honor of a dedicated board member, the late Barry J. White, American Studies Professor at The University of Buffalo. His dedication to the library and to education was the leading factors to naming this room in his honor.

We offer a conference room for community members or groups to use for meetings, trainings, workshops, and/or for programs. We have a screen projector, screen, and a telephone for use during the meeting or program.

The Seneca Nation Library is a member of the Chautauqua Cattaraugus Library System which is made up of 36 member libraries. By being a member of this system, we are able to offer to our patron’s access to e-books, audiobooks, e-magazines, interlibrary loan, databases, as well as, the ability to put a hold on material to be able to pick up at your convenience.

To become a member of our library, stop in to fill out our form. If by chance you already have a library card with another member library, then you are all set.

You can use your library card here to check out books too!